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    Ethics and Compliance

    Our Commitment to Responsible Business Practice

    Ethics and Compliance

    Rockwell Automation is committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance. Our culture of integrity is a pillar of our global success and one of the key reasons we have been a respected business leader for over a century. It is another reason why we have been named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies on numerous occasions.

    Commitment to High Ethical Standards

    You expect your partners and suppliers to adhere to high ethical standards. We embrace honesty, fairness, quality, and responsiveness as guiding principles, and view integrity as an underlying value in every business transaction.

    Our commitment to responsible business practices is absolute. Our employees, officers, and directors act with integrity in all interactions with customers, partners, shareholders, and governments. They comply with the requirements of our extensive ethics program. Our Code of Conduct establishes the rules that we follow as we work, and provides a framework for all of our decisions and actions.


    All of our employees and every person who performs work for, or on behalf of Rockwell Automation are treated with respect and dignity. We have a no-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment, and zero tolerance for workplace violence and weapons.


    We are opposed to corruption in all forms. We vigorously monitor compliance in our business activities and in the activities of those who support and represent us.

    Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    Social responsibility and sustainability are important factors for the long-term success of our company, employees, and the planet.


    We comply with the rules and regulations that apply to importing or exporting products, parts, materials, software, and technology for or on behalf of Rockwell Automation.

    PartnerNetwork Code of Conduct

    In keeping with our commitment to ethical standards, Rockwell Automation expects that, as a member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork?, your company will comply with governing laws, adhere to our ethical standards, and follow this PartnerNetwork Code of Conduct. By doing so, we will work together with uncompromising integrity to deliver the value that our end customers want and expect.

    Ask Questions or Report an Ethical Concern

    If you have questions or want to report a specific concern related to ethics or compliance, contact us.