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    Factory Operation Software

    Production, Quality and Uptime Data is Waiting to See You

    Factory Operation Software

    The whirring symphony of sound coming from your plant or operation is data asking for a promotion. Thousands of times a second, each machine and process across your plant is producing the kind of justification that makes this an easy decision. But you need to help this data realize its full potential. FactoryTalk? OperationSuite provides the software that brings the data to you as actionable information allowing you to confidently operate and manage production, quality and uptime. The unique combination of tools within FactoryTalk OperationSuite are designed to deliver contextual, role-based information that can be acted on to improve systems or processes. Think about the value of a single reporting and analytics solution deployed individually at a machine or line level to solve specific needs, and then scaled across multiple lines or plants to achieve vital business objectives. All the software tools are here; ready to elevate the enterprise.

    Consistency is King with FactoryTalk View

    Sounds easy: Give machine operators and others a consistent view into the performance of the valuable equipment they spend their day monitoring. With the right human machine interface software, you can experience that simplicity at the discrete machine level or across your entire plant and operation. FactoryTalk View HMI software makes it easy with design elements like standardized faceplates, allowing operators to move from machine-to-machine and see consistent elements. Developers will also love the convenience of FactoryTalk View HMI software for the commissioning of your Allen-Bradley Panelview HMI hardware and monitors.

    Know Before You Start with FactoryTalk Historian

    Until machine performance is organized into useful information, those millions of points of data coming from your machines can create a million questions. You need an organizer of that data at the machine and enterprise levels. FactoryTalk Historian software does the heavy lifting for you, like collecting critical time-series data for various calculations, estimations, and statistical processes. With the data served up in powerful reporting and trending reports, you gain new insights with new potential for performance gains.

    All for One and One for FactoryTalk Batch

    Bring it all together with FactoryTalk Batch software. You can apply one control and information system across your process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention. You are enabled to develop modern batch control strategies by supporting flexible production capabilities and standardized company procedures while accelerating product and process development.

    Free the Floor From Issues


    Some computer hardware clients just can’t handle the demands of a plant floor. The dust, the vibration can create maintenance issues for some discretely deployed industrial computers, especially those with rotating media. FactoryTalk ThinManager? software solves the problem with a centralized management solution. Now, with applications running on a terminal server and not the clients, only the terminal server needs to be maintained; not clients toiling away on the plant floor. Applications installed once on the FactoryTalk ThinManager server are available to clients throughout the enterprise. Patches and upgrades happen once, at the server side, and pushed to the client. You experience additional savings as you no longer need to manage and maintain fragile personal computers in the harsh plant environment.

    Machine Learning Made Easy

    FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI

    What if you could predict anomalies like an overheating engine or a faulty drive? How about anticipating future equipment degradation? Applying analytics within the controller application is a new fundamental approach to achieving process improvements. The FactoryTalk Analytics? LogixAI? embedded analytics module empowers you to apply machine learning concepts without needing a data scientist. Once you start modeling your system, you gain new insights and advantages for reducing costly downtime or losses.

    Comms: The Lifeblood of any Control System

    FactoryTalk Linx

    Free your control system to communicate seamlessly with plant floor devices. Our premier communication platform provides a single access point to your control system data, allowing you to bridge through a central workstation to control equipment with shared access. If it has FactoryTalk software, you can find it. You can even browse the network and communicate with third-party devices and applications.

    Unlock Enterprise-level Insights from Industrial Data

    FactoryTalk Edge Gateway

    Industrial organizations have lots of operational data, but may not know how to take advantage of it at the enterprise level to compete better. CIOs/CTOs may struggle to make OT and IT worlds play well with each other and tap hidden insights from vast industrial data sources. Why? Lack of proper correlating context (e.g. source, type, timestamp, etc.) while capturing high-speed OT data at the edge. Without this critical OT context, captured industrial data has low data integrity, translating to significantly higher data preparation efforts while building analytical models. To extract actionable insights from this OT data requires packaging in an interchangeable and flexible data format? easily shareable between OT and IT applications.

    FactoryTalk? Edge Gateway? Software simplifies and automates the process of collecting, organizing, and contextualizing industrial equipment OT data across equipment, devices and automation assets at the source. It helps unlock actionable plant and enterprise-level insights to accelerate IIoT digital transformation, and provides the right foundation to drive edge-to-cloud IT/OT convergence at the enterprise level, so that everyone from the shop floor to the top floor can make smarter decisions.

    FactoryTalk ProductionCentre Software

    FactoryTalk ProductionCentre? is a comprehensive MES that can help you meet a range of productivity, quality, compliance and cost-saving goals. ProductionCentre integrates quality management and business analytics with paperless shop floor and repair execution. This improves operational efficiencies and helps you achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance and high quality. Available solutions include single-plant, multiplant or industry-specific suites.

    FactoryTalk CPGSuite

    Reduce waste, and increase productivity and profitability in your business. FactoryTalk CPGSuite MES is a performance management solution that allows you to set factory performance goals and track progress in real time.

    FactoryTalk PharmaSuite

    Manufacturing process efficiency is crucial to reduce overall time to market. Eliminating paperwork, reducing errors, and maintaining high quality standards increases throughput. Learn how FactoryTalk PharmaSuite MES can help with seamless integration from ERP to shop floor, real-time quality dashboards, and more.

    FactoryTalk AutoSuite

    Improve quality, reduce costs, increase responsiveness, and improve time-to-market throughout your supply chain. FactoryTalk AutoSuite MES software has proven results in track and trace, error proofing, quality management, and operations intelligence.

    Improving Your OEE by Answering the “WHY”

    FactoryTalk Metrics

    FactoryTalk Metrics gives you the data that can reveal new ways to increase production, reduce costs, and increase quality. By generating accurate reporting of real plant floor activity, this software gives you important insights into using existing equipment and labor more effectively. FactoryTalk Metrics reports on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), but it is more than just an OEE reporting tool. OEE can tell you how a machine is performing over time; it cannot tell you why the machine is performing at that level. FactoryTalk Metrics answers the "why" question, uncovering the root-causes of downtime and loss helps you make real improvements to performance.

    Flexible Integration of Plant Floor and Enterprise

    FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

    Transactions are used every day to link systems tightly so they act as one. Whether at the bank, making an online purchase, returning an item, adding money to your child’s lunch account, we rely on linkages behind the scene to ensure a smooth interaction. An industrial transaction does the same thing , seamlessly linking your plant control systems to your enterprise systems.

    In many cases, FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is used in data-logging situations where production data from the control system needs to be saved in a database. Different from a historian application, this software provides a two-way exchange of data between applications, like between a database and a control system for downloading production work orders for example. ?No matter the application, FactoryTalk Transaction Manager can flex and scale to meet your needs.