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    Operational Historian Software

    FactoryTalk Historian Gives You a Powerful Plant Floor Reporting Tool

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    It is time to retire the warn-out clip boards and tedious transcription of critical plant performance data. FactoryTalk??Historian software captures operational process data from multiple sources at lightning speed. You gain a supreme level of supervisory control, performance monitoring and quality assurance with robust FactoryTalk Historian software that can scale from machine to enterprise. Reliably recording time-series records at this pace would be impossible, even for your most caffeinated plant-floor record keeper. FactoryTalk Historian dashboards take that work off your hands. Plus, the added confidence in forecasting trends with reliable data will generate new level of productivity.? So long, clip boards. You won’t be missed.

    Scalable Operational Historian Software

    With FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition (SE), data across your plant and enterprise can’t hide. Redundancy and high availability ensures continuous access to key plant data. You can more easily convert the raw machine historical data into dashboards and reports; and then share the consistent information to key roles in your plant. FactoryTalk Historian SE works for you with dashboards that can be as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive as needed. Better still, you now gain a powerful archive technology to provide long-term data storage with fast, efficient data retrieval.

    Build Machine Level Historian Capability

    Embedding operational historian software at the machine level lets you be more creative than ever in harvesting key production data. The limited software footprint of FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition, makes it ideal for remote or hard to service locations. With no server or PC needed, you significantly reduce the risk of data loss due to network failure or other system interruption. FactoryTalk Historian ME is embedded in the backplane with a solid-state design hardened for on-machine use, one of the many benefits machine builders everywhere will appreciate as they develop new ideas for end user productivity.